Tuesday, December 11, 2018


The liability insurance is not mandatory in the Netherlands but is strongly recommended. In general, three different liability insurance policies can be distinguished from each other. In order to provide a clear overview, Verzekering.nl will put these for you in a row.

Private liability insurance

Under this insurance is any form of damage that you, as a private person, someone else brings. This can be done by accidentally knocking over a vase to the injury of another person. It is useful to take out this insurance as the costs for liability can run high. You are already covered from a few bucks every year and that is certainly justified, despite all the trouble.

Additional liability insurance

A basic liability insurance does not cover all cases of damage. With a supplementary insurance you can let yourself be covered for this. In most cases this concerns damage done during a high-risk sport or when you are at work. The choice of whether or not to take this additional insurance is different for everyone, for students it is useful, for example, since they do not have much to spend.

Collective liability insurance

A collective liability insurance is particularly interesting for companies or associations. This insurance is taken out by employers for employees so that they are insured for damage that can be caused during work. Insurance such as this is therefore particularly interesting when it concerns work where the risk of damage is high.

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