Tuesday, December 11, 2018


It may seem harmless to add an extra tablet or Smartphone to the list of stolen items if your car is broken into, but this is also insurance fraud. Something that puts you on the blacklist of insurers when they find out. Because not only the professional fraudsters are being tackled.

Insurance fraud happens in different grades. Some people think they are innocent, while others are out for the big money. In both cases, the insurer is not happy with you if they find out that you have committed fraud. You end up on the black list of insurers that manages the Central Information System (CIS). The consequences are that it will be very difficult to take out a new insurance, as your former insurer probably terminated your policy.

The insurer can blacklist the insured in several cases:

The insured person caused damage with an uninsured vehicle

The insured party failed to comply with the agreements made with the result that the insurer terminates the insurance

The insurer has committed fraud or has otherwise misused the insurer

As soon as someone is blacklisted and can no longer take out insurance with the regular insurers, the person can turn to De Vereende Verzekeringen (formerly Rialto). This is an insurer that can offer insurance to everyone, despite the claim and payment history. De Vereende Verzekeringen sets higher premiums and may refuse to offer some insurance because of the person’s past. If something really goes wrong, then you are alone. The period that you are on the list can be up to eight years. This is of course an unpleasant situation. It is therefore important to realize that things that seem innocent at first may have very unpleasant consequences..

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