Tuesday, December 11, 2018


Are you going to live together? This is of course very exciting and fun at first. But in addition, it is also a big step and a number of financial matters will have to be arranged, such as insurance. The chances are of course that you have double insurance policies. But which insurance policies are double and which insurance policies are still missing?

It is wise to look in advance with your partner to see which insurance policies you already have. Think, for example, of the health insurance that is mandatory for every Dutch person. The moment you start living together, you may have to adjust, cancel or re-apply for certain insurance.

Which insurance policies do you need?

– Legal insurance. It is cheaper to conclude this insurance together. The legal expenses insurance helps you out of the fire if you have a legal conflict.

– Home insurance. Together you only need one home insurance.

– Travel insurance. It is cheaper to take out travel insurance together. You can opt for a continuous travel insurance or for short-term travel insurance.

– Building insurance. A building insurance is meant for people with a house. In the case of a mortgage, the bank sometimes states the building insurance as an obligation.

– Car insurance. If you have your own car, it will remain in your name.

– Health insurance. Many people use collectivity. This gives them a discount on their health insurance premium. You can insure your partner with most health insurers.

– Term life insurance. The bank often requires you to take out a term life insurance as soon as you apply for a mortgage. With this insurance, your partner will receive an amount when you die.

– Funeral insurance. With a funeral insurance you insure yourself against the costs of your funeral. With a funeral insurance you can come to one policy together with your partner.

So almost all insurance policies can be taken out together to save money. This is easy to arrange by changing your current insurance and putting it on two names. The other party can then cancel his insurance. Make an insurance contract.

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